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Daily Digest
10:45 AM
Train Quest:

At the announced time all players with the announced lvl will receive a Quest teleport. Use it like a pot to be transportet to the Quest Area.
In order to fully participate in that quest you need to get born at the Quest Area star by clicking Enter while standing at that location.

The mission is simple: Kill Tea Pots (lvl 0) and collect Tea Pot Lids. When you have 5 Tea Pot Lids go to the right of the Map (marked blue on the map: where you will find a Hostess.

She will trade you 1 Sugar (Weight: 0) for 5 Tea Pots Lids! The player that collected the most Sugar within 30 minutes is the winner of this quest!
But be careful! Two large Trains (lvl 999999) are just waiting to roll over you. They are moving back and forth the tracks marked red on the map ( and attack you on sight!

The Tea Pot Lids and the Sugar are not lootable, so noone can take them off you when you die, but you still have to retrieve them before time runs out!

Mouse Quest:

When entering the game at one point of time each of us hunted mice. Now its time to get hunted by them!

At the announced time all players with the announced lvl will receive a Quest teleport. Use it like a pot to be transportet to the Quest Area.
In order to fully participate in that quest you need to get born at the Quest Area star by clicking Enter while standing at that location.

For this quest you will find yourself within a mouse burrow ( In this burrow there are three Taskmaster (marked green on the map), 6 places where to get cheese (marked yellow), 4 places where to get bread (marked blue) and 2 places where to get meat.

Your mission is easy. Accept the quest from the first taskmaster to get cheese. If you have done that, accept quest from second Taskmaster to get bread and after that accept quest from the third taskmaster to get meat. When you have gathered all three ingredients go to the laboratory and brew a sandwich. The winner is the person with the most sandwiches.

But careful! In the 12 ways leading to food, 6 are consiquently guarded by a lvl 99999 agressive Mouse! That means at all times 50% of the ways are deadly traps. Also there is a chance that at the end of a way there is waiting a lvl 99999 agressive cat for you.

If you die all active jobs will be marked as failed and you will have to retake the quest.


1st Prize: "Golden Mouse" Medal (+15% HP) and three elixirs of "Mouse Fuss"
2nd Prize: "Silver Mouse" Medal (+10% HP) and two elixirs of "Mouse Fuss"
3rd Prize: "Bronze Mouse" Medal (+5% HP) and one elixir of "Mouse Fuss"

The medals will last two weeks from the day handed out!

The elixir "Mouse Fuss" will give you +15% HP for a certain amount of time. Those elixirs are not soulbound so the player can do with them what they want (use, sell, give away etc.)[/color]

Train Quest will take part on sunday, November 16th
Mouse Quest on sunday, November 23rd

Times for lvls:

lvl 0 - 49 at 10 AM GMT
lvl 280 - 329 at 12 PM GMT
lvl 150 - 199 at 2 PM GMT
lvl 50 - 99 at 4 PM GMT
lvl 200 - 279 at 6 PM GMT
lvl 100 - 149 at 8 PM GMT
lvl 330+ at 10 PM GMT
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Hi people,

Thought it would be best I pop in and say hello as I'm a lazy snooper on this place but never contribute. I enjoy learning new facts about the internet and found this spot through a nice article I had read a while ago.

Well, as of today things are going to change and I feel this is a great place to hangout, and help others like they have helped me.

Enjoy the evening and happy new year!

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