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Wednesday, 2020-04-01, 9:23 PM
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Ever wonder what it's like in The Goonies and what we're all about? Well, wonder no more.

If you see a member running around in chaos as if they hadn't a care in the world, then nine times out of ten, it's because they don't or they're out to get you. We're made up of hooligans and people who just don't care to be the bottom of the Dark Swords food chain. You mess with us then we'll mess with you.

The Goonies came about in hopes of having fun. We like to enjoy ourselves and even manage to keep things smooth sailing with one another. We're a family, not so much your typical thuggish clans of Dark Swords where you're made to feel like you have to do what you're told or you'll be eaten for dinner.

Not just anyone will be accepted into our clan. If war happens, so be it. We will not tuck tail and run. We also just don't care what you have to say about our clan. Some of you have had at least one good experience with us - others aren't so fortunate.

If you think you have what it takes to be a care free sumabitch, then I guess this is the place for you. We're not the type to hold your hand, coddle you, or give you a false sense of hope. You make yourself what you want to be, not Goonies. We're here to kick ass and take names, not look for hand outs and and hand me downs.

Mess with us, well, we'll just pull your card.
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